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I have always collected odds and ends without knowing why. When I was introduced to high gloss mediums it suddenly clicked. I really enjoy mixing my love of painting with the playful textures captured by mixed media. These are paintings and collages made with paper, fabric, and other found objects

the process


The Mixed Media process is very fitting for my belief that there is a place for everything and everything should be in its place.

These works contain objects that have been forgotten; most of them have been unloved for sometime. I try to make beauty with the old ordinary objects. I enjoy configuring them in interesting ways and feeling that I am giving them new life. I relate it to humans and how we attempt to hide our old damaged parts beneath our shiny parts. But its important to remember that no one is perfect; we all have a few broken parts...

enjoy everything about who you are and everything about this messy world.

2013 BUST Breast Cancer Bra Design

2016 Bust Breast Cancer Bra Entitled "Fight"

2012 BUST Breast Cancer Design Modeled by Elizabeth Eaton

Awarded "Most Uplifting"